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Alison Kiss from the Clery Center discusses confidential and mandated reporting, and how campuses can work with counselors to ensure victims get the help they need.


Many victim advocacy experts believe that college campuses should provide sexual assault victims with a confidential reporting option.

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Consent is Everything
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Time Magazine
University Survey Highlights Role of ‘Verbal Coercion’ in Sexual Assault
June 25th, 2016
University administrators say they have a responsibility to protect students from all kinds of sexual misconduct

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Is it really possible? The return of brooches as a fashion statement? Yes, indeed. Happening. And who is spearheading the return? Prada.

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This may be the end of civilization as we know it for the Vancouver Canucks. The National Hockey League team appears headed toward another stone age.

Goodbye smartphones and Starbucks, hello cave drawings and fire. Goodbye Range Rover, hello roving the range hunting and gathering. Goodbye playoffs, hello draft lotteries.

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